Haugaland Glider Club - Information in English

The club is located at Haugesund (International) Airport, about 15 minutes by car from the city of Haugesund (32 000 inhabitants), in the community of Karmøy. We are about 60 members, of which of about half are active pilots.

At the airport we have our own hangar, housing two motorgliders. The gliders are a Super Dimona HK36 TTC 115 (LN-GJP) from 2008 and a Grob Twin Astir (LN-GAN) from 1993, both two seats, owned by the club. The micro is owned by a club member.

Additionally we have a functional and well equipped club house close to the hangar.

We provide introduction tours, 1 hour of flight for 2000 NOK.
Email introtur(a)hsfk.no for more information and booking.

The hangar and the club house are located at the line area of Haugesund Airport. Our “small” airport is of course in controlled airspace and we operate together with the commercial planes and helicopters. We feel that as we operate from a controlled field we need to fly and operate as professional as possible and we like to believe that we therefore have a good safety standard in our activity. Although we stick to the regulations we have a lot of freedom in our flying when we leave the controlled airspace.

Our flying season covers the whole year, although the activity is higher in the summer season. We have our own school for educating glider pilots and we provide both the theoretical and practical part of the education.

If the planes are not already booked they are available for all members of the club. As our gliders are motorised we don’t need any help from the towing plane nor for holding the wing tip. You can take the DI, get the clearance from the tower and fly without help from others. This is one of the advantages with motorgliders compared with traditional glider planes. As we operate from an airport close to the coast we often see the need for starting the engine when we are returning to the field. That is another good reason for using motorgliders.
We thereby increase the number of days we can operate, as we just start the engine (if needed) to return safely to the field
We normally operate within a radius of 50 km from the field, mainly east and north of the field, but of course we also have trips of several hours on thermals and hang far away from the field. We are now installing oxygen in GAN, and we look forward to the possibility to operate higher on the waves than presently. The waves are often found in our area and as we have transponders in both planes we will have few restrictions from the air control. Will we reach 20 000 feet the coming winter?

As our planes are with double controls we often take passengers. That could be someone with birthday or someone to be married that get the trip as a present or surprise from friends.

During the summer season we often go to other fields where gliders operate, f.inst. to Voss near Bergen, Nome in Telemark or Klanten near Gol. We go normally with two in each plane, while the others, including family members, are coming by car. These trips are with plenty of soaring and social life.

During the winter season when the water is frozen on the lakes we may operate from the ice. This is a nice experience and a different kind of operation for us. We find hang and thermals during these operations, but most of all we have fun and fly locally with a 100% safe landing area always within reach, although we operate closer to mother nature than normally.